Thursday, September 23, 2010

Benefit from weight loss.

Losing weight is beneficial for both current and future health of lipid sugar level pressure is reduced.
Losing weight does not need to lose weight down to normal. Weight loss, it causes some good overall health.

1. Reduce the symptoms of patients with obesity. When obese people lost weight feel stronger symptoms clear up tiredness will be better. Dense from heart disease. Menstrual disorders are better.
2. Quality of life and ensure better After weight loss patients to have confidence in yourself more. Tired easily, can not exercise better.
3. Health improved due to long-term risk factor for cardiovascular disease reduction.
4. Longer, because the average age of death from heart disease and cancer, lower

Can see that when we reduce the weight to be a certain level, it will be beneficial for health, then. The healthy do not need to lose weight until the weight normally eligible for a reduction of 5-6 kg, it will be good for your health.

Obesity associated with disorders of the endocrine system.

Insulin resistant conditions. Obesity is associated with the condition persists insulin by fat paunchy This condition is often found in people with BMI> 40 kg / m
Effect on reproductive system. Found that obese people are dead and menstrual pain are more often than normal. Obese people, while pregnant with the risk of disease, high blood pressure. Abortion is common.
Obesity related health

* Osteoarthritis too much weight pressing down on any cause early osteoarthritis pain.
* Acid uric in blood. Pathogenic Macau common beef
* Diseases of the respiratory tract. Who may have sleep apnea spasmodic called sleep apnea syndrome do not completely asleep. And often caused accidents while driving.
* Hold one's urine is not.
* Diseases of the blood knot
Men over the age of 75. Year old women over 65 years to lose weight will not cause mortality rate decreased.

Chronic diseases associated with obesity.

Chronic diseases associated with obesity were. Ischemic heart disease. Stroke. Some cancers and diabetes, gallbladder disease etc.

* Ischemic heart disease. Obesity is an independent risk factor that causes heart disease It is also the cause of the risk factors for heart disease. They also found that death rates from heart disease increased among obese people. The more fat a greater chance of heart disease increase. Found that those with body mass index greater than 30 kg / square meter to the risk of heart disease. For people with diabetes. Or high blood cholesterol, body mass index 25-29 kg / m will be at risk of heart disease.
* Disease, high blood pressure, obesity is a disease, blood pressure, 2.9 times higher than normal risk of high blood pressure, increases the distance with obesity. When the weight pressure is reduced by those who have found that body mass index over 25 kg per square meter is high blood pressure is 2 times of those with BMI 22.

    * High blood cholesterol. Especially fat, triglyceride, LDL or high fat to low HDL are good.

    * Stroke. Found that if the ratio of fat to the incidence of stroke, especially those with a body mass index greater than 30.

    * Some types of cancer. Including recent cancer in women, including hormone. Uterine cancer. Cervical cancer. Breast cancer. The men were in Prostate Cancer. Colorectal cancer was also found that increased gastrointestinal cancer such as Colon cancer. Esophageal cancer. And gallbladder cancer.

    * The risk of diabetes type II diabetes increased 40 fold in obese people when the body mass index decreased the risk is reduced by Especially when the child is obese when they grow up to have an increased risk.

    * Diseases of the gallbladder, obese people are 3-4 times the risk of stones, and the risk is high when the ratio of fat.

    * Fatty Liver mask.

    * Ratio of obesity.

    * Heart attack

    * Sleep Apnea.

Caused by obesity.

People eating into categories such as starch or protein d. If energy demand has been exceeding the body will accumulate their excess food as fat. If you accumulate more and become obese. So the fat from our diet has more energy than the energy we used to. Real cause remains unclear. Obesity often causes such as.

* Eating. If the high-energy diet on a regular basis. To overweight. Especially foods that are high in fat and starch, which are often found in fast food.

* Type of food Especially those who like to eat foods that contain sugar. Such as glucose, sugars, fructose, water, sweet wine beer these foods are absorbed quickly and cause the body to secrete large amounts of insulin. Which is believed to be the cause of obesity.

* Condition in which the body burn less energy Phalan. Men are more muscular women. Muscles burn more energy. Thus, women are obese lose weight easier than men and hard

* Diseases of the endocrine glands such as thyroid function is less overweight. Because the body burns food less Diseases of the hormone cortisol cushing body has too much body fat. Hormones from the body may be created manually or by bolus, asthma cure, medicine series Or a body created as adrenal gland tumors.

* Some types of drugs to increase appetite. Such as drug treatment of depression tricyclic antidepressant, phenothiazine drug lowers blood pressure beta-block birth control pills to treat diabetes medication steroid.

* Congenital some families will find that all fat is partly genetic. Such as people with leptin, a hormone deficiency that is sent to the brain, we get less food. But another part may be caused by a culture of eating and living.
   *Culture of life and food, which shows that some nation is overweight because of the national food of its popularity it any food.
   * Mental disorders to eat more food. For example, some people sad, serious and good food.   
   *Lives in comfort. Facilitate the computer a lot. And lack of exercise have a car with energy-saving tool. TV is good to see the list. The advertisement soda syrup to these risk factors from obesity in childhood. 

Need to treat obesity or not.

When obese people not previously considered obese. But now classified as obese due cause. Health problems. Obesity is a disease caused by many the treatment is not good enough. People lose weight fast weight will increase quickly as well. The treatment of obesity has changed from past hits to lose weight to normal. Rapid weight loss is to be a gradual. The target can be treated. Losing weight can cause a partial positive impact on health. Obesity treatment to maintain life-long disease like diabetes.

Those who are obese are lipid cholesterol, triglyceride LDL by glucose, high blood pressure than those with normal weight.

Problems of body mass index to be used for reference or that obesity would not use a single number. Around the world is not. Western will have a larger structure in Asia. Body mass index is relatively high, so the foreigners that is, when the index is considered overweight. Body mass over 25 kg per square meter of Asians, we consider excess weight is body mass index greater than 23 kg / m because when the body mass index will exceed the incidence of diabetes. High blood pressure. High blood cholesterol high.

Is that overweight people have a chance to many diseases. And benefits of weight loss can reduce the incidence of various diseases and reduce rates of death. Appropriate time to stop obesity.

Measurement of body fat

Measurement of body fat is not easy. Most often done in laboratory research.

1. The weight in water, then calculate the amount of fat and muscle content is a way of precision. But it made room for practice only.

2. BOD POD is detected by x-ray machine, elliptical machine will calculate the amount of muscle, fat tissue intensity.

3. DEXA: Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) is the x-ray determination of fat

How to determine the amount of body fat was many things.

* Using calipers measure the thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer, such as might be measured at Dgoongแkhn.
* Bioelectric impedance analysis using electricity through the body and then calculate it.
* Use the table weight and height.
* Body Mass Index.
* Measuring waist circumference.

What is obesity?

Our body fat reserves for food, providing warmth to the body,.
The seat cushions. If there is too much fat, obesity. Normal women are fat, about 25-30% of men will have 18-23% if the woman is over 30% of men over 25% considered obese. Obesity means fat, with more than normal obesity does not necessarily mean having great weight alone.

Obesity has adverse effects on health are three types.

1. Fat whole, these patients have more body fat, usually by adding fat is not limited to a certain position.
2. Abdominal obesity, these patients have visceral abdominal fat than usual. And may also include abdominal subcutaneous fat increased with
3. Tending to obesity and body fat was associated with a whole lot of body fat and internal organs of the abdomen.